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ABOUT VisualOne

About VisualOne Representatives Information Exopolis is a creative studio specializing in design and development for broadcast, print and interactive – with a special focus on the convergence of these media. As one of a small number of companies that can provide multi-platform creative solutions, VisualOne is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of the marketingfuture. VisualOne concepts, designs and produces with one purpose in mind: to make neurons fire, synapses spark and eyes stick. We believe in the power of inspired design and the potential of compelling ideas. We ignore the traditional divisionsbetween web and broadcast, in favor of a truly integrated environment that reflects theinevitable future of communications. As the marketing landscape evolves, Exopolis evolves with it, incorporating the best in new ideas and technologies.


At the helm of our vision lies an unparalleled team of verterans, each with several years of industryexperience and a diverse foundation of skills and knowledge. In actuality, our experts are the decisivedifference in the ongoing search for quality,as our studio constantly challenges every individual to fully harness their creative and technical potential. Our team of seasoned designers, developers, and project managers has been instilled with the confidence and trust to consistently deliver high impact client solutions on-time and within budget. Every member of our team holds an obsession for detail and a passion for perfection in their work efforts; this is the fuel that makes the difference.